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Toledo chemical skin peels for fresh-looking skin.

Getting a chemical peel is a procedure that removes layers of your skin with a caustic solution. As the healing process progresses, a new, healthier-looking skin emerges.

Length of Skin Peel Procedure

The chemical peel procedure takes approximately 1 hour.

Toledo Skin Peels

A chemical peel is usually done in our AAAHC-certified operating suite using IVRN sedation.

Side Effects from Skin Peels

The skin peel procedure causes some burning for several minutes, but most people tolerate the discomfort quite well. For the first few hours and days after the treatment, your face will feel swollen and irritated.

Risks of Chemical Peels

Some individuals have a tendency to form raised or thickened scars, and this may be unpredictable. Also, unanticipated color changes or skin blotchiness may occur.

Recovery from Skin Peels

Healing takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Avoid direct or indirect exposure to the sun until the redness or pinkness of your skin has subsided.

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